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The word of the Artist

My approach is a reflection on the traditional values compared to the modern world. It is also a search for harmony between Fund and Form, on the visual expression and esthetics at the African woman in particular.

I think that the human being is expressively composed of linear forms.

From the curves, symmetrical and asymmetrical fitting, one arrives at a gestural combination: it is a whole game of line, of movement, from where an idea of assembly, even a advance enters the figurative one and the abstract.

Thus the gesture occupies an important place in my work, from where interlacing enters the forms while giving a special attention to the glance, with the expression. I do not base myself on the details of figurative as such, but rather on essence.

And yes, since African is, curved and roundnesses, I burst myself and dances on my supports, with my means of expression: brushes, hands, breath, colors, compositions and drafts.

Médiums: Acrylic resin, Oil and Tar…, offer such an amount of freedom to me, to express the desire for saying, for showing and especially for expressing the identity, in order to immortalize (in naive form) the human emotions and the lived daily one of the black woman…

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The Mask




Voyance - Technique : mixte - Année : 2013